Generic Input API in GIMP

Jun 16 2004

Something marvelous has been checked into GIMP today. Mitch “fixed #106920” as he called it. In fact he implemented an API for mapping input events to GIMP actions.

Doesn’t sound much exciting? Well I almost had to wet my pants when I saw some of the GIMP actions you can bind to a controller such as a mousewheel (with optional modifier keys):

  • brush opacity
  • current brush
  • brush attributes such as size, sharpness and rotation
  • layer opacity and mode, position in stack and on canvas
  • grow/shrink selections
  • active font
  • FG/BG color’s hue, saturation and value

For a detailed list, look at menus/

And now combine this with a possibility to bind these to powermate controller events, midi controllers etc. Ok, time to go change undies.

Update: As I write this, Sven is hacking on modules/controllerlinuxinput.c to make his ShuttlePro work. In a few moments I will have my powermate controller do cool stuff! HOHOHO!