Carlsbad Film Festival

Jul 4 2004

Yesterday we went to the Carlsbad Film Festival. We walked around the beautiful city first and then went to pick some movies from the lineup. That turned out to be rather naive, since only one movie was still having tickets available. So we got two tickets for Memories of Murder, which was scheduled for the next day morning. Later on we decided to try our luck at the last minute couter. Journalists and other VIP personas don’t show up or people sell unwanted tickets there. The VIP tickets are offered to acredited folks only as the signs and program said, but we just gave it a shot, were told to idle for about 30 minutes and then were a lucky owner of two free tickets, yay!

The movie was a documentary about a cable station in LA - Z Channel - a Magnificent Obsession. A lot of folks left the theater perhaps because they were a little too young (like us ;) and the thing needed some editing indeed. We sat right next to the director so we felt kinda bad for her every time a small crowd decided to waste their time elsewhere.

We booked a rather nice hotel about 5 minutes from the city so we would make it in time the next day. We had brought a tent and sleeping bags along, but later realised we’re too old for this. Some small rain showers helped with the decision.

I had a hard time getting up the next day so we would make it for the 9:00 film. I don’t recall being this early in a theater before ;) However the film rocked. It was very disturbing yet very funny. Totally reccomend this one, if you’re lucky to see it.

Oh and one last thing, after all these years and thousands of photos I finally start to make pics I like:

The size of the shots is rather limited. I ended up not having my ADSL due to painful ISP transition as I feared I would. I also didn’t realise how much spam really sucks before I tried to get about 2 thousands of messages over a modem connection :(