Original 0.9

Sep 28 2004

So yesterday I managed to get some original hacking done. New stuff includes:

  • New default stylesheet. Is pwetty and doesn’t crash IE, yay!

  • Optional per-gallery meta information. Finally you can now edit a fancy name (utf8), add a short description, specify author or override dir date. More on this in the README.

  • Restricted Galleries (using info.txt). Note you need to make sure info.txt isn’t readable.

  • Customizable sorting within month. $sortinmonth defines whether you want theitems sorted alphabetically or descending date.

For this release I didn’t change the client side scripts to generate the info.txt file. This stuff is optional and shouldn’t get in the way. Maybe I’ll add a dialogbox to the gui script in future, but imgconv should probably remain non-interactive.

imgconv and webgallery-zenity.pl generate a .htaccess file not to display info.txt.

Update: Yes, the restricted galleries are still pretty pathetic ;)