iAudio M3 - "Thinner than Kate Moss!"

Oct 15 2004

Ok, so Apple has 92% of hdd players market, huh? Well I guess they won’t mind me exchanging mine for this little beast.

I usually think too much before deciding, so after realising the czech distributor isn’t insane as CDS when it comes to pricing, I went ahead and bought one. Yay for consumerism.

It does everything a geek may want it to:

  • Looks sexy and is small.

  • Plays mp3, ogg and flac (and other shit like wav, wma, but who needs that?).

  • Records mp3.

  • Has a radio.

  • Is a usb2 storage device.

  • 40G should be enough for everyone™.

  • Battery life isn’t lousy either.

  • I’ll be able to rsync my music over. Eat that, iTunes.

  • Powered from the USB cable.

  • Getting good reviews.[ 1 2 3 4 5 6 ]