Oct 26 2004

Bought a new drive for my powerbook, since the 10G with osX was just a temporary fix after my hard drive failure.

I must say I was really impressed. I was expecting some trouble. I thought, hey, nobody cares about ppc much. But I was wrong, very wrong. The intaller, although text-based, is very easy to use. Choices are nicely structured and there’s been some thought given. You won’t end up lost in a list. If you chose to be american, only timezone that apply to america are listed, but you can still choose other...

One doesn’t need to use the brain even for partitioning. I don’t think there’s been more questions asked than in the osX install I did a while ago. In a few minutes I had a fully functional system, with my lastest gnome desktop, sound, drI working. No package selection, no desktop selection. The choice has been made before downloading the iso.

I was pleasantly surprised by the overall polish including a nice sound theme.

If somebody asks me what linux distro he should try on his mac, I’m resolutely recommending Ubuntu. Especially the older hardware will come to new life.