Oct 31 2004

It’s funny how I can get a mood boost. It’s not that I felt down or anything, but I wasn’t feeling any good either. We stopped at a car wash. Nobody in the line, good. Paid, drove in, talked to Iva about something. And we’re almost done and I hear this nasty, an endless second long, cracking sound. I immediately got this image of a hole in the roof, since yes, you guessed it, I forgot to screw out the antenna.

The blower finished its destruction and we see this little top of the antenna fall on the front screen. I turn pale and drive out the carwash. And wa hey! It’s just the antenna! No hole in the roof! Luckily the engineers knew stupid drivers like myself will be driving it into a carwash and made it out of some fiber. Suddenly I fell so good I didn’t ruin my car completely! So now I have this super sporty antenna ;).

I got such a mood boost, that I didn’t mind spending the rest of the day scrabbling the leaves at our backyard. The M3 helped me survive that too ;).