Palm blogging

Jan 9 2005

author jimmac

So today I chose not to go take pictures of a big skiing event that one of my friends takes part in, since I’m a lazy bastard and would have to wake up early. Sorry dude, you’ll be on TV anyway :)

Instead we went to Iva’s parents for the traditional pork fiest. jsut trying to digest all that stuff, and I’m sure everyone’s interested in reading about that :)

I’ve been investigating options to blog from my clie, and while this mo:Blog thing works well over RPC, I didn’t succeed uploading binaries over to pyblosxom. If anyone can help me out with that thing, I’d appreciate it. I’d love to take a picture with the clie and include it in a blog entry. I guess the metablog rpc plugin doesn’t support binaries on pyblosxom side?