Feb 19 2005

Thanks Tuomas for teaching me the Macarena ritual. For the ones not familiar with it, it’s performed every time you leave a place, such as a restaurant, taxi etc and check for your gadgets. As you go pocket by pocket, checking for mobile phone, camera, PDA, wallet, car keys… To a random person passing by you look like you’re dancing a Macarena.

Thanks to that ritual, performed a little later than optimal, I returned to the cinema theatre and retrieved my cellphone from a wondering lady who couldn’t grasp what stupid $&$*&^ would leave a phone on the seat.

Also afterwards we went to a dinner with our finance minister. Not really, of course, but he was having a seat next to us. He looked a lot younger than on the tele, and we initially weren’t sure if it’s him. When they started to talk about Kalousek and “Standa’s flat”, we were assured it’s him.