Feb 28 2005

Jirka pointed me to a rather depressing, but very powerful short movie. The story appeals especially since it itself is nominated for an academy award.

It’s a 3D animated mini-documentary (yay!) of a canadian animator Ryan Larkin. The visual style is really very powerful and the director, Chris Landreth, managed to express the inner devastation with very strong visual images.

I absolutely dig the grotesque feel of it. Little hands of the flask grabbing for Ryan to take another gulp, the fluor tube aureola part when the interviewer does the preaching bit lighten up the story well.

The only thing that wasn’t always convincing was the animation though ;)

If you have a sucky connection, try this -

jimmac@aeneas:~$ mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile ryan.wmv \ mms://winmedser.nfb.ca/oscar/ryan_hv.wmv