Replacing DSLR with a Few Compacts

Aug 15 2005

I bumped into this highly interesting story of a photo reporter using a few compact digicams instead of a DSLR with a nice example of czechnology to take burst shots:

He carried two C-5050 cameras on straps around his neck, with one strap cinched shorter than the other, so that the cameras hung at slightly different heights on his chest. The cameras were set for 3-shot burst mode. When a long sequence of shots was called for, Majoli fired a 3-shot burst with one camera, dropped it, grabbed the other and shot a burst with it. The first camera wrote its images to the card, thereby clearing its buffer, while Majoli shot with the second. He just kept rotating from one to the other for as long as the action in front of him continued.

I couldn’t agree more on the suckiness of carrying a set of huge adapters for each and every gadget out there. If at least the hardware makers would standardize batteries/adapters within their product lines.