Project Orange

Sep 8 2005


Matt Ebb has done a magnificent job at redesigning the project Orange website. Well done, Matt.

The project aims to create an animated short while using and extending the free software 3d animation and modelling tool, Blender. Similar to the tool itself, it is being created in an open manner, cooperating with external contributors while keeping a devoted blender-artist-dreamteam in house. All project files will be released along with the film under the Creative Commons license.

How’s that for user testing? ;) Even if it’s too early to predict, I believe there can’t be a better way for developers to ensure a software package is really being the best tool for the job than cooperating so closely with the artists as it is in this case.

Too bad this year’s Blender Conference kinda clashes with the Boston Summit. I’m affraid I’ll have to miss out. Was great fun metting most of the dream team last year. Best of luck, guys!