Oct 25 2005

Here comes another cool app of the week, even though not exactly fresh news ;). I’ve grown to love the Muine Jukebox. Unlike do-it-all music managers such as iTunes, Rhythmbox or Banshee, Muine concentrates to do one task really good - play back the music on your computer. The whole interface is centered around a playlist. At any given time you have a clear indication of what is being played and what will follow.


Jorn really nailed it with the way you add albums to individual tracks to the playlist. Filterable flat list like that would rock for gimp filters as well. Initially I was skeptical about the missing controls for seeking. In the end though, it’s more of a problem of missing cuesheets for mixed sets from hybridized rather than poor design (how often do you seek on your CD player?). Next and previous track should be enough in most cases (you can still Ctrl+arrow to seek).

If you feel like picking albums to listen to is much of a task (like me ;), make use of the awesome audioscrobbler with a tracker and playlist creating plugins. Finally something simpler than Xmms, yay!