Oct 31 2005

Tango Friday

We had a little Tango drawing session during friday. We discussed the best practices in Inkscape with Garrett, Tuomas and Andreas and we got a few icons commited. Garrett actually pointed out a functionality I overlooked in Inkscape. Back in my Illustrator days, I loved the round edges effect which would apply on any bezier shape. Inkscape has something just as powerful, linked offset. It creates a linked instance of an object and you can define the rounding with the node tool. Editing the original shape updates the offset link copy in real time.

Friday’s Tango pixel pushing was much fun and we’re likely to continue doing this each friday. So if you’re feeling artsy, drop by at #tango on irc.freenode.net. And you’re welcome the rest of the week too.

Some people (mainly from KDE camp) suggested adding a visual metaphore description into the naming spec as it will help to make for example the documentation easier - one could refer to “the eye dropper” and it should work in any spec-conforming theme regardless of its visual style.

Also we are quite inclined to get rid of the floppy metaphor for the save action. It is widely used, but the number of people who never used them is growing each day ;)

Tango’s starting to shape up on KDE.


Iva managed to wake me up from hibernation on saturday morning to go do some photo shoot back in Jizerka.


The waking up part sucked just like in Vermont, but otherwise it was very cool.