Original 0.11

Nov 14 2005

I’ve released 0.11, at last! It includes some polish and is now localisable. Feel free to mail me your translations. The EXIF view toggle got moved from the php side to the javascript side. The tarball also includes an iPhoto to Original script by Stephen Gerstacker and a new CLI script from Boris de Laage. Note that F-Spot Orginal support is now on par with everythin else as well.

One last release will follow which will introduce an sqlite dependency to deal with the comments, access statistics and a maybe an RSS feed. And then I’ll think about the rewrite. If anyone is eager to maintain original, and is able to host a cvs or svn repository, I’d love to hear from you. Original appears to be useful for a lot of people, but it’s jimmac gluecode which needs some love…