Tango Weekend

Mar 26 2006

Quite naively I thought I would refresh the gimp stock icons over the weekned to follow the Tango Style Guidelines. With the native aqua gtk version coming and projects like Seashore I can’t wait to hear from mac people if we succeeded at merging-in on the mac as well as XP. About time we focused on our own tools.

I did get a bit done and proposed a new app icon. Once the theme is actually done, I’ll see about updating Art Libre set.

Lapo has been rocking with Orango Tango for Ubuntu. He really has the Tango touch. Rock on!

As for my parental experience, things are going really well. Linda is now over 3kg, which may not sound like a lot, but if you consider she is still T-7 days old .. ;). Even though she’s not much bigger than a menu-sized icon, she makes her daddy very proud :).