Ekiga Rocks

Jul 3 2006

I’ve been aware of the Ekiga/Gnomemeeting project for quite some time, but until today I’ve underappreciated it. I’ve been using skype for the past few months as “it just worked”. The problem with the internet today is that it isn’t. Many networks don’t really have public IPs and NAT is very common even for home users. Many times we just gave up trying to dig holes in our firewalls to chat with Tuomas.

Rodo poked me today asking whether I have ekiga installed. In about a minute I was able to call him up and have a conversation in stunning quality. If my regular phone sounded this good…

If you haven’t, take a look at Ekiga even if you tried GnomeMeeting in the past. It actually “just works” ™. Good Job, Damien.