Healing Brush

Sep 3 2006

The next thing after trying to minimize the consequences of a water leak that ruined our bathroom after we came from vacation was obviously a cvs update of GIMP.

Very happy to see mitch merging the healing brush branch into HEAD that Kevin Sookocheff worked on as a Google Summer of Code project. When touching up photos the tool of choice has traditionally been the Clone tool. It’s great for getting rid of unwanted tourists or making your house look bigger by adding an additional floor. Yet the most common touchups are more likely to be removing scan scratches, a zot from a face of your lovely girlfriend or a dust particle on a CCD that made its appearance on all your vacation shots.

In many cases the clone tool works fine, granted you can find a source spot with similar appearance of the target area. In many cases however, one would like to take a texture of an area that is unfortunately lit differently than the target area. And that is exactly where healing brush comes to the rescue.

I’ll start crunching the insanely huge Inbox on monday. :/