Save as Icon

Dec 14 2006

After watching me helplessly struggle with python-fu on #gimp, Saul Goode wrote a nice script to export a GIMP image (XCF) with the background layer set to invisible. I’ve bound it to the powermate button so every time I need to export an icon I’m working on, I just hammet the nice glowing button in front of me. You probably need a bleeding edge Tiny-Fu/GIMP for it.


Ideally I’d like to trigger this on every file>save, but it’s probably not possible.

Update: So it’s actually possible by adding a gimp-xcf-save before saving the PNG copy and replacing file-save with this for Ctrl+S. Thanks for the tip dobey, and thanks for the script again, Saul. I’m saving hours of my time now. Oh and Saul tells me the script should work fine with the older script-fu interpreter.