Wii Boxing

Jan 16 2007

I’ve always hated sports computer games. I thought it’s just a sponsorship laden cash cow for EA not bringing any enjoyment whatsoever. Sore thumbs. But then I went over to Ursimon’s place and checked out the new toy from the land of the rising sun. Man I was hooked.

Unfortunately the first game you have to play is the ‘Do you have a Wii in stock?’ one. Not that enjoyable. But once that miracle happens, it’s all exciting.

The console feels like it has been created for sports games. Games like bowling are really only enjoyable with friends, but golf is quite fun every time you have a minute. Especially as it allows to play short three hole courses (I only wish there were 50 of them). I don’t think I’d play target golf with a classic controller longer than 10 seconds. I can’t get enough of it with the wiimote. It’s fun the first time you clumsily swing the wiimote and it’s fun once you master what the sensors want to feel :).

Lot of the reviews say the least natural game is Wii boxing. I have to admit at the beginning it really felt disconnected from what I did and what happened on the screen. Yet once you figure out how the game wants you to move, it’s nicely following your commands. And the best thing is what it does to you the next morning :) At least it’s bruise-free (unless you have very easily excited friends).


Some people have been playing wii sports for quite a while and claim it’s an effective workout. I have been getting less and less workout lately and nothing has been more fun burning callories than boxing air :). I really wish I could select the opponent Mii (a virtual person). I have some list lined up in my mind. :)

If you fear the wii is a gimmick, rest assured it isn’t. Some games feel more natural than others, but overall it works. If you play computer games, this is completely different. You will have fun controlling rather than watching visual extravaganza on the screen. The controller isn’t quite as good for an FPS I have to admit (picked up Call of Duty 3 and don’t like it as much as bowling, I hope that explains a lot… ;), but for things like bashing monsters with a bat or plaing baseball it’s a marvel!

After reading the above, I have to note that I don’t work for or own any stake at Nintendo ;) It’s just an awesome toy.