Letter Spacing

Feb 20 2007

Inkscape has had manual font kerning since the beginning of time. You can press Alt+Left/Right to tweak. Yet it doesn’t have an interface for tracking (or letter-spacing in CSS speak).


The XML editor comes at rescue and allows you to add your custom CSS to the appropriate svg:text element. The good thing about the editor is that reflects the selected objects on canvas and your changes update on Ctrl+Enter so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Would be nice to have the style parameter content nicely laid out though. It is hard to read when there’s no newlines and it reorders automatically. Ultimately tracking is something to be exposed in the UI, which I’m sure is the plan. Neverthless I’m happy about today’s find.

Update: I’m a doofus, apparently you could have done that for ages with Alt+, and Alt+..