Tango Marathon

Mar 30 2007

What a day. Today has really been a blast. We had a crazy idea last week to fix up the gtk+ stock in a day. It sounded a bit easier than the usual deal as all the metaphors were set in stone and the icons only need to be done in a few sizes, but still:

jimmac@hal:~/src/cvs/gnome/gtk+/gtk/stock-icons$ find . \
| grep png$ | wc -l

What makes me feel really good is that this isn’t a work of one or two artists. This is a collective work of Steven Garrity, Tuomas Kuosmanen, Andreas Nilsson, Lapo Calamandrei, Josef Vybiral, Hylke Bons, Charavel Olivier, Kalle Persson and David Prieto. An army of volunteers that managed to come up with a nice consistent set of artwork. It has worked for code for ages, but the varying quality of artwork has never made me feel like it works for artwork. Having a nice set of guidelines seems to do wonders.


The only thing this marathon hasn’t been so good for was handholding the newcomers. It’s been quite a chaotic snarf, edit, svn commit madness :). I wasn’t psyched about the idea initially and some stuff happened at work that took away my motivation but the #tango channel (frenode) filled up on Thursday like never before, people started digging us and it really felt like a sports event. My neck agrees.

I am really going to sleep today with a good feeling of mission accomplished. Of course the work still needs to be commited to gtk+ proper, but that will hopefully not be much of an issue.