May 9 2007

I haven’t been able to attend the first LGM due to the most beautiful reasons, but am very happy to have made it to LGM2. Louis Desjardins and all who helped him deserve a lot of applause for the organisation. The rooms next to each other, printed program, wireless, food… Really an example of how to organize an event. I wish I had at least a fraction of such abilities.

I enjoyed Bassam‘s talk on Elephants Dream production process as well as the Inkscape talk hurricane. Just like with Elephants dream, it’s a pleasure to see tools developed for a particular scenario (paintbucket for comic book coloring in Inkscape, another good presentation btw). Peter & Kamila had a cool presentation on the GIMP UI redesign. Much more confident with the team driving this now.

Boudewijn’s overview of Krita sparked my interest in the project. While the way Krita is developed very much resembles GIMP’s lack of design (“…you can have spreadsheet objects in a drawing”), the featureset looks impressive. I will have to look if there’s a sane workflow to doing the stuff I do. Too bad for all the walls preventing us to freely choose apps by their functionality and not by the platform they were developed for.

The talks will be available as video streams/downloads, so I recommend not missing these.

Just like I always do, I demoed the hard work of other people :). I think both demos went alright. Based on the feedback I got, F-spot seems to be quite underestimated. Happy to have sparked up interest.