Hack Week

Jun 25 2007

I wrote this entry after a long blog silence while Tango Friday was still in full force (mainly due to our awesome contributors rather than myself), filling up the holes in gnome icon theme.


Novell is hosting a cool event, descriptively named Hackweek. Every monkey, err, lizard(?) is free to hack on a cool free software project they never had the time to dive in during their regular work time. For the rare occasion when somebody may not know what to poke at, we have set up a nice idea pool site that hosts plethora of ideas to pursue during the week.

Personally I’d like to finally break away from the painful way we maintain our themes. Currently it’s more like creating 4 different icons rather than just tweaking an icon for a particular resolution. I will likely be spending more time figuring out how to work with xpath/DOM in python, as I’m sure people would eek at the idea of installing php5 to run command line scripts from me :), but hopefully it will not be a complete failure.

If anyone feels like bringing some eye candy to the desktop, this one would be very appreciated too.