Hackweek 2

Jun 26 2007

I’ve given up on python. Yes, my dear pythonists, it’s too hard for me to figure it out. PHP is just damn well documented and serves a lazy person like me well. Old dogs, new tricks, you know the drill.


The first incarnation of the script actually does something now. If called without parameters, it will fetch the naming spec, and render all master SVGs in the current directory that are in the spec. The context is handled automatically. The master SVG includes all the various sizes, that are defined as an id of the bounding rectangles in the lowest layer/group. If you don’t want to bother with the looney crackrock 256x256 size, just nuke that rectangle or move it into a different layer.

If you call the script with the -s foo parameter it will only render an icon named foo.svg into the undefined context. It will try to find it in the naming spec in the next incarnation. Then I need to figure out how to simplify maintaining the index.theme file.