Wilber 2.4

Oct 24 2007

It’s here! The awesome GIMP 2.4 has been released today. We’ve cleaned up the gimp.org website at the same time, so you can enjoy slightly more posh release notes. The whole site is themed with the Wilber balloon designed by the awesome Paul Davey for the 2.4 splash screen. We need more superstars like that :).


2.4 has brought many of the long awaited functions and polish to the interface. To me, the fullscreen workflow I demoed at GUADEC (even though Compiz and X tried really hard to prevent that) is what makes GIMP a joy to use for my photo editing (leaving the library management to F-Spot of course).

The selection tools have been redesigned from scratch and I must say they’ve grown on me and I love it. While I’m sure the slashdot crowd will end up discussing the lack of GEGL integration, I’m excited to see UI design being core part of a free software project. Making the most common task of adjusting/perfecting a selection is a breeze now, and the super-confusing ‘shift key before a click’ or ‘shift key after click’ is gone. Rounding a rectangular selection has also been more difficult than it should in the past so it’s directly a part of the rectangular select now.

So thanks to everyone involved in the development, release and the website redesign! It’s still fun even though some individuals rather hard to make it not so.

P.S.: There’s a tribute to the best splash artwork ever created on the new website, start lookin’ :)