opensuse 11 Installer

Feb 14 2008


I have spent most of my hackweek mocking up and styling the new Yast installer for opensuse 11. Coolo’s implementation of the old mockup I made for 10.3 really showed things can be done.

I must say I am very impressed with Qt CSS-like styling (yea, proper documentation ;). It felt very refreshing compared to the usual minor gtkrc tweakage I need to pull off from time to time. The stylesheet remains very readable to people with web experience. You can do funky things on top of the common CSS attributes - use gradients on fills and borders, RGBA colors (yea, things really composite well), and combination of both. Coolo also added scalable backgrounds hack for the extra abuse we might need.

Work in progress - avoid color banding. I know, it’s GREEEEEEN.

The slight limitation is 16bit color, so all the gradients needed to be dithered, but I’m quite fond of the result (still WIP, mind you).

. Not a mockup, this is an actual rendered YCP template.

You can see some scaling artifacts which should be gone with smooth filtering enabled now. Now on to fix some of the sucky images of the slideshow. opensuse 11.0 is gonna rock.