Mar 30 2008

I’ve had a very expensive evening yesterday. My macbook pro locked up (well dead samba shares stalled Finder) and Linda was impatient to watch a DVD, so I pushed the power button for 5 seconds like I do from time to time. That was the last time the machine booted.

I have so much junk harware, but nooo, the fastest machine has to kick the bucket. I spent like an hour trying to find a purchase proof. Epic Fail.

After some googling it looks like the most expensive bit is hosed, the whole logic board. And since the repair is going to cost a like a US mbp, I may just use it as a table for 4 years until some broken screen machines show up on ebay. He died too young. I will miss him.

Update! Luckily thanks to the remaining week of my world-wide guarantee, the nice folks at MacServis have replaced the faulty logic board and I have a breathing machine again.