Delicious on Firefox 3

Apr 5 2008

Woohoo!, Yahoo!:) folks have released an alpha of their extension that works on Firefox3 betas. Not only does it work, it also integrates with the awesomebar. For a sucky name like that, it is really well done bookmarking the mozilla folks designed.

For people unaware what is so new about bookmarking, let me sum it up for you. The awesomebar is the dropdown box that comes down when you start typing in the URL field. Maybe calling it the URL field isn’t that appropriate anymore, because what gets autocompleted isn’t just URLs of sites you visited. Bookmarked sites are preferred matches and you can search by title and most notably tags. Bookmarking a site is a matter of clicking on the small star icon on the right hand side of the URL bar. For most people this is all they will do. For people needing to add some metadata to get a better search experience, just click it again and fill out some more info, notably tags.

The extension isn’t integrated the way I have hoped, it kind of ruins the workflow by forcing its own tagging interface and popping up its old dialog every time you click on the star icon. I would rather prefer to have a [ ] make public checkbox in the Firefox’ bookmarking dialog in case you don’t want to just sync it to delicious and keeping it private. Still, an amazing extension.