Apr 30 2008

I enjoy Twitter a lot. There’s many, many clients for the service. I’ve grown to like Alert Thingy (yes, that’s the actual title) which actually integrates with Friendfeed too.

But I felt a bit ashamed using Adobe AIR. Inspired by garrett’s stylesheet tweets, I created a Prism app bundle that makes Twitter main web-interface nice and compact. It wouldn’t be complete without an icon.

twitter icon

I couldn’t figure out how to nicely integrate the multi resolution icon into the bundle though. While the mac and windows icons can be multi-res, for Linux we get grandpa XPM. I have no idea why the spec defines to use XPM. Such an ancient format incapable of using alpha transparency needs to die. It’s not like gecko would have trouble rendering PNG. Also sad to see my whining hasn’t been fruitful yet. Especially when there’s a library available!


As for how to use this thing – for now you need to copy the individual sizes to ~/.icons/hicolor/. Once you let Prism generate your .desktop file, edit the link to the icon to just say Icon=twitm. That way you get all the sizes nicely thresholded on the panel/menu/desktop.

Maybe using the mobile site would have been safer, but I prefer the javascript character counter, so I went with styling the main site. As soon as the site layout changes, expect brokage :/

Update: It bound to happen. Twitter guys updated the site in the meantime, so this no longer works and I don’t feel motivated enough to create a new stylesheet. Sorry folks.