Jul 18 2008

Every dramatic change will trigger a negative reaction wave. The happy users are almost always happy in silence. But I have to express my gratitude to the redesign. Unlike pretty much all of my friends I welcome the change.

Last.FM was like an ATM. Everybody appreciates the usefulness of these devices even though they have the most terrible interface ever. They make you go through numerous menus, selecting from accounts you don’t even have, only to tell you at the end you mistyped the pin. I felt the same way about the old site. It was an amazing service but I always struggled to find what I’m looking for even though I knew it’s there (a bit like using Blender ;). All these boxes everywhere. And the cheesy aqua highlights! Everything looked the same. It was like trying to find your apartment in a Czechoslovakian panel house estate.

The new site is airy, with plenty of whitespace, the sections are nicely separated and apart from the new logo, everything is just better than on the old one. So if you happen to have been involved in the redesign and read this, there is at least one of your users that is extremely happy about the change. Thanks!