Fifth Leg

Aug 25 2008


I may be taking on something bigger than I can ever finish in a month and hardly in a hackweek, but it is both fun unknown territory and something that is needed badly.


opensuse uses a rather spiffy Cholla header font by Sibylle Hagmann. The problem is it isn’t a Free nor free font*, making it hard for the community to produce opensuse branded material. So you guessed it, I’d like to design an original type to replace it. Apart from Lingdings (bullets font for OpenOffice Impress) I’ve never done this. Partly because the font designer and even type setting community is very pedantic, deeply following a strict set of rules. Good fonts come from a lot of experience. So be warned, this is pure amateurism, a font designed by a non-type-designer.

To help me stay focused, I’ve come up with these attributes I’d like the font to have.

  • Simplistic, technical sans serif.

  • Heavy. Rounded.

  • Will not do normal weight, this is a headline font. ‘Close’ to Cholla Wide Bold.

  • Only basic latin glyph coverage for now (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).

  • Low contrast.

  • Open Font License.

  • I don’t aim to kern the font properly this week.

Thanks Garrett for suggesting the name.

  • - I would say the cost is the problem in this case, no real need for derivate fonts for a headliner.