Oct 24 2008

There’s been a few posts about Dropbox on Planet GNOME before. I have to join in on the praise. This is all I have hoped iFolder would become. A well designed file synchronization service that really hides the complexity and feels very easy to use. There’s clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can obviously share a folder with friends and they will get notified of file changes, so it’s extremely nice for icon design collaboration.

Apart from just doing synchronization, it does basic version tracking. Thanks to this I was able to “record” an icon drawing session by simply combining all the versions Dropbox created every time I saved a file.


What you see above has been created in two sessions of about 5 and 3 hours, sadly dropbox can’t make me faster.


Some will not be willing to run a binary daemon syncing files, but for me it has been a great time saver for cooperation with my icon buddies.