Shame on Me

May 22 2009

Oh no! This is one of those “Oops, I didn’t update this blog for ages” posts. Hopefully I’m not on the same path as my good old friend Tuomas. I’m blaming gwibber for making it so easy to nanoblog.

So what have I been up to lately? I’ve wandered back into font design land with Fifth Leg. Fixed things up a bit and generated & cleaned up a normal weight. Quite a bit of work went into it. So much that I even bravely released v 0.3. It goes well with the window decorations of Sonar, the upcoming opensuse 11.2 theme. In the meantime I’m working on getting 0.4 out which will have some of the common kernings sorted out, improved ‘g’ and a few latin ligatures. I also dropped having old style numerals as default.

After reading the hilarious blog post by Mark Pilgrim I LOLed. But it also inspired me to start on a humanistic sans serif I’ll probably end up calling Mimicus. Currently it’s called RaveIn due to the type it’s been most inspired by.

The newly refurbished SUSE Studio website is using a condensed width of RaveIn. We’re using Cufon to render the type, but probably should support @font-face too. Hats off to Garrett for making it happen. Stay tuned for the initial font release later this year.

As you can see I haven’t been doing much icon design lately, but luckily the amazing Lapo Calamandrei has been doing great work on gnome-icon-theme in the meantime.

Again, apologies to my readers for having this blog rot a bit.