Icon Bling

Mar 23 2011

Allan’s new rule says that if you don’t blog about it, it didn’t happen. Thus here’s me telling you about the recent icon design sprint for GNOME 3.0. There’s not much to say, I’ll be honest. This post is about pretty pictures.

GNOME shell exposes application icons in higher resolution than usual, so the fearless Italian led the icon design faction of the design team to fix up the most visible app launcher icons to include the ridiculous size of 256x256px. We also investigated possible workarounds for applications shipping horrid icons, but in the end it’s more important an application is recognizable more than it is pretty, so we backed up from all of those ideas.

All this work is of course on top of the base themes, which are also in a better shape than ever. Big shouts to Lapo, Andreas and everyone involved!