Blender for Motion Design

Jul 18 2011

A while ago I was shocked to see Allan create a transition design using manual frame by frame animation and decided to shed some light at how I do the motion graphics you can see in the previous few posts in the hope of more people picking up the tool and investigating alternate paths.

Blender for motion design – part1

Please do understand that this is not a general introduction to Blender and that there is great amount of books, documentation on the web and even youtube screencasts. This series only looks at the bare essentials to be able to create these 2D transitions and will hopefully spark interest in learning more of the amazing tool that is Blender. Here’s a few links I recommend if you need a more in depth look:

I have my doubts about completing the series so any cheering counts if you actually enjoy this one and would like to see it come to an end. If you don’t want to miss a part, feel free to subscribe to the channel.