UX Hackfest

Aug 3 2012

UX Hackfest

Some of us came to A Coruña a few days early to work out some pending issues, like the File Picker or the Initial Setup. We later learned that it was also quite useful for the students to see the early stages of the design process.


As always, GUADEC was packed with interesting talks, but it’s fair to stress out how well it was all organized. Props to the galicians!

Yet again GUADEC managed to inspire me to create, rejuvinated my motivation contrasting with hearing “it can’t be done” all the time. I found Adam Dingle and Jim Nelson’s talk on sustanability and ways to crowdsource Free software projects quite inspiring and something we need to focus on when designing Software. It relates to the ecosystem diversity and the historical focus on shoving everything into the core moduleset and the resulting friction we mentioned in our talk (Hopefully the videos will be available soon).

The stuff I’m excited for? OSTree will hopefully decrease the iteration time and make me frown at jhbuild a little less. Smooth animation within applications that Owen Taylor presented is also something that I hope will be easy for developers to make use of. So back to work…