New Site

Nov 18 2013

I have been embarrassed by the state of my web presenation for years, but never managed to kick myself into a redesign. Well since I skipped Battlefield 4 on PS3 and am waiting for a decent piece of hardware (PS4), I decided the time is now. There are tons of things missing and the exported Wordpress entries have a ton of styling issues, it's good enough for me to flip the switch.

The reason the comments are missing is that I decided to make it completely static HTML and keep all the logic local (using Middleman). I found out all the remaining traces of ruby are gone (I even struggled with haml and sass, to be honest), so I'm glad I undertook the task over the weekend. What I like about the static setup is that I can easily version track and deploy stuff with git.

Webdesign cca 1998 :)

I would like to incorporate my google plus feed in here, but the API limits are kind of scary. Maybe I'll proxy them statically as well. Maybe the update will make me blog a little more, perhaps return to Photography. And multirotors. Let me know in the comments, HAR HAR.