Berlin DX Hackfest

May 9 2014


As regular planet GNOME readers have noticed, Berlin had the priviledge of hosting a couple of great GNOME developers and deisgners (and me ;). Berlin is where my first involvment with Free software people took place (at Gimpcon) and despite rather chilly weather it’s a great city to hang around, especially the east central part around Friedrichshain. Big thanks to Allan for organizing the event and extra thanks to Chris Kühl for hosting us at Endocode. Lovely office and great location. Free cappucino with your foursquare first checkin at the Espresso Ambulanz around the corner btw, great coffee.

After the hackfest that’s been centered around API docs and the toolkit we spent some extra days with Jon and Allan on some designs such as the selection mode, sharing, touch aspects of some widgets and started going through bugs and maintenance obstacles that stand in the way of making Adwaita the default gtk+ style. Sadly some refactoring is going to need to happen in the next couple of days/weeks, but it looks like Lapo is onboard for the challenge, so it’s going to be great having a wingman for this unrewarding chore.

It was a great kickstart, pretty pumped about 3.14 :)