Artistic Constraints

Jan 25 2017

I have moved most of the sharing with the world to the walled gardens of Facebook, Google+ and others because of their convenience, but for an old fart like me it’s way more appropriate to do it the old way. So the thing to share today is quite topical. Mark Ferrari (of Lucasarts fame) shares his experience with 8bit art and the creative constraint. There isn’t as much gold in what he says as much as the art he shares that he made over the years that flourished in those constraints.

Mark is clearly a master in lighting and none of this trickery would have any appeal if he wasn’t so great in mixing the secondary lights so well, but check out these amazing color cycling demos.

Actual image I found explaining how I anti-aliased in GIMP. Cca 2002.

As far as I ever got with 8bit animation.