CSS Grid

Feb 20 2018

This would totally have been a tweet or a facebook post, but I’ve decided to invest a little more energy and post these on my blog, accessible to everybody. Getting old, I guess. We’re all mortal and the web isn’t open by its own.

In the past few days I’ve been learning about CSS grid while redesigning Flatpak and Flathub sites (still coming). And with the knowledge of really grokking only a fraction of it, I’m in love. So far I really dig:

  • Graceful fallback
  • Layout fully controlled by the theme
  • Controlled whitespace (meaning the layout won’t fall apart when you add or remove some whitespace)
  • Reasonable code legibility
  • Responsive layouts even without media queries

The fact that things are sized and defined very differently and getting grips with implicit sizing will take some time, but it seems to have all the answers to the problems I ran into so far. Do note that I never got super fluent in the flexbox, either.

I love the few video bites that Jen Simmons publishes periodically. The only downside to all this is seeing the mess with the legacy grid systems I have on the numerous websites like this one.