iPod Project

May 9 2005

Since my, ehm, “3D skills” have been rotting I wanted to refresh my workflow with a small but complete project over the weekend. Tweaking lights and materials took about 80% of the time.


I was pleasantly surprised how modelling went rather smoothly. The face loop cut is a godsend. Materials are really tough and changing the light set-up made me pretty much redo all materials from scratch. I am still cheating with emit for the matt connectors.


Yafray really smokes when it comes to photon-base global illumination, but I had trouble with texture mappings. Also the internal renderer gives a lot more control on quality - when I want to position a texture properly I don’t really need raytracing. If only the materials and lights behaved the same in internal/yafray. Otherwise the yafray integration is really cool.